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Lindley Educational Trust – A well established and successful charity, working with young people from across the UK. We provide inspiring personal and team development that helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly for those who are from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds.

Our mission -
Is to release and empower people to develop individual strengths, create positive relationships and construct effective work systems and cultures which add to the well being of society.
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Lindley Educational Trust Website
Want to know more about our charitable aims and activities.


link to Lindley Educational Website

Hollowford Centre Website
The principle activity of the trust.
This outdoor activity centre is the perfect place for young peoples outdoor activity programs.

link to Hollowford Centre Website

Shining Cliff Website
This small outdoor activity centre has a unique woodland setting and offers a stimulating venue for outdoor education and school visits

link to Shining Cliff Website


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