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10th Festival of
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10th Annual Festival of Outdoor Learning 27-28 February 2016

A great CPD opportunity for Outdoor Professionals, Teachers, Youth Workers or anyone with an interest in the outdoors. Celebrating 10 years in 2016

The festival takes place at Hollowford ( providing a wide mix of workshops and informal networking that will give you plenty of new ideas both conceptual and practical.

Only £100 for the whole weekend - includes 4 workshops, accommodation and meals during the event.

By attending this time you are also supporting our Bursary Fund as the cost includes a £10 per day contribution.

ALL previous festivals have been over subscribed so expect this one to sell out too. Please book early to avoid disappointment. There'll be many of the regulars as well as new providers.

Workshops confirmed so far;

Further details of more workshops to follow as this page is regularly updated - come back soon!
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Saturday Evening

As with previous festivals, Saturday evening is always very informal, things going will include; music making around the fire & storytelling. Or you may just prefer a chance for a chat and catch up in the bar which will be well stocked with local real ales and some "proper" cider.

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Previous quotes

“Talking about things like this (spirituality) in public is more challenging to me than the thought of climbing Everest”

“It (the workshop) brought me a greater understanding of Facilitation and some new tools”

“I just want to say thank you. I think you’ve saved my marriage in the workshop this morning”




          We are delighted to welcome The Outdoors Company as sponsors of this year's festival


the outdoor company

Working with BME groups - Adnan Zaman

This workshop will help you to develop a broader understanding of BME communities, tailor courses to meet their needs, and explore the solutions to challenges you may face when working with them. We will draw on the knowledge gained through successful projects we have run in the past and the experience of participants in the workshop. The aim of this workshop is to begin to understand BME communities a bit better, explore some of the barriers you might come across, and how to break down these barriers and support them to access the service we provide. There will be plenty of time for open discussion/debate on controversial issues.

It is important to note that although BME encompasses many different demographics, the material for this workshop will draw on the knowledge and experiences of the facilitators, who have a history of working with a Muslim community predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds.

Adnan works full time for Lindley and co-ordinates our youth projects in Ashton-under-Lyne and North West Derbyshire

Adnan Zaman

Trees and their many uses - Dave Watson

Take a real look at the trees in the local area and learn how to gain confidence in both identifying them as well as their qualities. Time will be spent with materials from the types of trees in order to make a variety of simple products.

Dave is a Leading Practitioner with the IOL and over the last twenty years has been teaching and increasingly training/mentoring people, especially outdoor professionals in the wide field we know as Bushcraft.

Dave Watson

Mathemagic - Jim Langley

This workshop will take you on a journey to discover maths and science using various activities to bring about learning in the outdoors. We will be engaged in mini projects, problem solving and hopefully understanding!! This should be a fun and interactive workshop giving you plenty of ideas and ways to teach with links to the curriculum.

Lindley Educational Trust Festival of Outdoor Learning

If things go wrong... Key lessons on how to manage serious incidents in the outdoors sector - Julian Penney

Fortunately the outdoor sector is very safe with the benefits far outweighing real risk. However things can go wrong and when this involves young people or adventurous activities, it tends to generate negative media attention.

Delivered by Pharos Response, leading incident response specialists will introduce the variety of situations that can happen and how those working in the outdoors can respond to prevent them becoming worse. Focusing on practitioners, instructors and their immediate managers, this session will use real examples and scenarios to highlight key priorities and actions. This will include how to respond to journalists who phone or arrive on site wanting comment (without saying "no comment!"), dealing with parents and families of injured people, social media management and some legal and insurance considerations.

Julian Penney leads a team of incident management professionals at Pharos Response and has over 15 years experience of managing risk and serious incidents in the outdoors, travel and education sectors.

Lindley Educational Trust Festival of Outdoor Learning

Earth Heart - Chris Townsend

Salty Sweet Stars and Satsuma Suns. Earthstone shadows, pingpong Moons and Creature Encounters epic journey from galactic giants to earthbound 'creature teachers' with hands on, reflective, thoughtful and innovative ideas.

A sprinkling of engaging encounters from 'BIG astronomy to micro molecules', enhancing our understanding of our place in the universe and to bond us with life's rich web of connected creatures.

Practical activities with 'Soul' which engender environmental and social responsibility on a local and Planetary scale, linking astronomical and global considerations with a notion of responsibility, respect, care and love, to help nurture a fuller appreciation of the challenges of sustainable development and a sense of purpose in facing them

Chris Townsend has played happily as an educator in the New Forest for the last few decades.

Taking Mountaineering into English Education - Nigel Vardy

I'm looking to expand the use of the outdoors in promoting English and written skills within education. The use of stories and experiences in the outdoors can change a child's life. I'd like to explore those experiences and create letters from basecamp / diaries / sketches and bring in Mountain Heritage and history.

In 1999 Nigel suffered severe frostbite whilst climbing on Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and after three years recovering from my injuries I returned to high altitude and climbed Island Peak in Nepal. I have now completed a British first - to climb the highest peaks on the worlds seven largest islands.

nigel vardy

John Muir Award - Anna Hormigo & Ruth Boys

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme for people of all backgrounds - groups, families, individuals. It's non-competitive, inclusive and accessible. It encourages people to enjoy, connect with, and care for the planet's wild places and is suitable for Year 5 upwards.

This workshop will provide opportunities to:

  • Find out about the John Muir Award, and how it works
  • Participate in a variety of relevant outdoor and environmental activities
  • Gain ideas and share good practice for using the John Muir Award
  • Consider how it can support Outdoor Learning through the curriculum and in extra-curricular activities.

EPIC & IDEAL Experiential Learning (The Asian Way of Learning the Outdoors) - Delane Lim

IDEAL: Instructional, Demonstrational, Experiential, Assess Learning

EPIC: Experience, Participate, Image & Connection

We will be covering different activities for different learning groups. How to design and facilitate a good experiential learning programme to engage and empower young participants in experiential learning. Using games, activities and engagers to maximise learners' application of learning and how they can use principles and facts to make decision and setting personal career pathways and life goals.

All the way from Singapore just for the festival! &

Surviving or Thriving: Developing useful toughness through outdoor learning - Kate O'Brien

This workshop looks at the concept of resilience within outdoor learning. It's a term which is becoming more prevalent within the education sphere generally as well as increasingly being sold as an explicit outcome by outdoor providers. But, do all courses actually develop this, regardless of activity choice, overall structure or facilitator style and knowledge? Positive psychology has much to offer outdoor practitioners in terms of our understanding of resilience and crucially how it is developed. This workshop explores both the theory and practice of this applied to outdoor programs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will increase their understanding of the concept of resilience.
  • Participants will consider how to use the strengths of outdoor activities in consciously developing resilience.
  • Participants will increase their ability to deliver resilience as an outcome on outdoor courses both in terms of activity choices, session structure and facilitation and review decisions

All Things Woolly - Tracy Steare

Over the years that I have been coming to the festival I have always brought my knitting with me. As many people have asked about learning to knit and as I also enjoy spinning fleece and other fibres I thought that this year I would offer a workshop to introduce both.

You will be able to have a go at knitting, spinning preparation, spinning (two spinning wheels available), and drop spindling. I am a member of the Derbyshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers and I work as an outdoors activities instructor and assistant. I have my own company 'Natureability' for when I work therapeutically and creatively in schools and in the outdoors. Come and have a go, you won't make a jumper but you can learn some basics.

Hollowford outdoor centre

Therapeutic Outdoor Activities for Children with Autism - David Steare

This interactive workshop with detailed handouts will explore how outdoor activities can assist children with autism improve their relationships and develop their coping skills.

Organisational structures and functions will be considered as well as the therapeutic techniques. After working for more than 40 years in nursing and social care and with some experience working in the outdoors David continues to support parents via the 'Advocates for ADHD and Autism (Derby)' voluntary group.

You can find the group on Facebook along with the 'Well-being in Nature' page that David also hosts. Please use either of these pages to communicate any specific requests for the workshop.

Hollowford outdoor centre

Releasing Human Potential, the Creative Option - Bill Krouwel

Do not attend this session if you're happy just to keep on doing the same old same old....

Bill's session aims to provide participants with practical and active supplements to standard outdoor learning activities. This is very much a hands-on session, usually seen by participants as both absorbing and fun - BIG fun at times.

You will get stuff that you can take away and more or less immediately use in your home milieu... and Bill will provide good theoretical reasons why you should! You will also be encouraged to think creatively about your own programmes.

Dr Bill Krouwel has been involved in outdoor learning for well over thirty years as customer, practitioner and theorist. His writing includes a recent book on Lindley as well as thoughtful and critical books on OMD and scathing critique of the culture of performativity. He's quite a nice bloke, though...

Hollowford outdoor centre

Double-loops... Goals, Actions & Feedback: How to get your feedback really working through a range of VAK learning styles and self-reflection - Caroline Carr

This practical workshop will look at maximising your coaching feedback through reflective questioning that links to the double-loop learning model. This session will look at theoretical concepts and put them into context in a practical open water environment ...Is it all in the stroke?

This session gives you an option to participate in canoes or SUPs on the mini lake or to actively observe and participate in practical feedback, you don't have to be a canoe expert to take part! This workshop will take place both on and off the water and will give the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop & share your own coaching practice.

Suitable for: all levels of paddlers and educators looking at developing the feedback that connects learning.
Bring: an open mind, suitable warm and waterproof kit for being on & off the water, hot flask

Caroline Carr

Finding Stories - Gordon MacLellan

Finding stories: a lively session spinning new stories, wild tales and improbable characters out of found materials. Working indoors and out, we'll look at techniques to use with groups to build stories to tell, practical hints and useful themes for ourselves as leaders and additional activities to give ourselves the confidence to weave new stories on the spot

Wild Books and Instant Journals - Gordon MacLellan

From quick books to pop-up landscapes, printing to card sculptures, this workshop will combine quick art activities with printing, writing and reflection to allow people to make their own personal records of adventures, discoveries and inspirations.

Creeping Toad

Hints and Tips for Mountain Bike Leaders - Glen Probert

This workshop will be an open forum for those involved with MTB leadership, or those looking to get into MTB leadership to get together and share ideas, best practice and experience. It will include practical exercises such as games, bike checks, maintenance and riding skills plus discussions on topics such as leader equipment and learning outcomes/programme application.

The session will be ran by Glen Probert, a British Cycling MTB Leadership tutor and Outdoor Education Manager for Entrust.


Techno Tourism Study, testing a new approach. Do young people see more clearly though a screen? - Chris Robinson & Lorna Fisher

iPad investigations of Castleton. Being creative with technology to engage young people.

The workshop will provide opportunities to:

  • Explore the use of iPad apps such as Skitch, QR code trails, Freezepaint and Tellagami
  • Build confidence and skills with technology
  • Share ideas on effective apps - bring ideas along
  • And should we be encouraging outdoor learning through a screen?

Fun Felting - Jo Hanney

Come and learn the art of felting wool. It is a wonderfully tactile, messy and creative process. As it is a relatively simple craft, it is a fantastic way to engage a variety of different groups in an art project. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to make a small felt picture and we will explore other felting projects that could be used in your work.

Jo Hanney works for the Peak District National Park Authority in the Learning and Discovery Team, based at the Longdendale Environmental Centre. She works with school groups delivering environmental education and opportunities to experience and enjoy the special qualities of the Peak District National Park. Her work with family and community groups helps to develop and promote a lifelong connection to this special place.

Come on a 'Lope" (a barefoot running style nature connection) - Chris Holland

Chris will lead a Nature Connection, barefoot running style 'wolf-lope' for 3 hours - move like a wolf pack through the land around Hollowford to awaken your senses, experience group mind and oneness with nature. Learn some bird language, go on an active adventure that moves at the speed of the pack, with the chance to have a good howl too!

We'll also look forward to a didgeridoo moment with Chirs around the fire on Saturday evening.

Playing with Fire (Lighting, Cooking & Creating) - Mell Harrison

A practical session that will cover looking at different natural tinders to use with a fire steal, ways of facilitating fire lighting with groups, simple recipes to make and cook around a fire and creating resources using fire as your tool.

'A love affair with the Earth' (Careful crafting, attention to detail & a sprinkle of magic) - Mell Harrison

Experience how Earthwalks, Earth Keepers concepts and Magic Spots can be used in outdoor education and why the magic they create can last a lifetime. A taster for the upcoming gathering.

Mell will be supported by Chris Hunt

Development Adventure and Group Dynamics! - Harvey Downey & Dave Baines

In this interactive and experiential workshop we will be exploring the history and current thinking around the concepts of 'Development Training' and 'Adventure Experiences' and their impact in group settings.

We will be challenging myths and perceptions about the roles of Development Education and Training in "Personal Development," "Character Building" and "National Citizenship" by sharing experiences, and discussing the changes and controversy's that have shaped what, how and why we work with groups in experiential learning environments.

Reviewing with Teenagers - Roger Greenaway

Young children guess what "teacher" wants and try to oblige. Whereas teenagers might just be tempted to do the opposite (or nothing at all). Peer influence is often stronger than "teacher" (or "youth worker") influence - so it can make sense to try to work through peers. Engaging person x by engaging person y is almost a Catch 22 (if both are disengaged at the outset). So is the idea that by "reviewing reviewing" you can get teenagers more engaged in reviewing. Teenage years are full of contradictions. So let's enjoy some contradictions and explore some ways in which teenagers (even the most contradictory ones) will come to really appreciate and value their reviewing sessions.

This workshop draws on what I learned from working with youth social work groups outdoors and from my work with Save the Children in Scotland when advising youth social work projects.

Quick and Inclusive Reviewing - Roger Greenaway

The fairly active reviewing techniques demonstrated throughout this workshop mostly take less than 5 minutes and have been chosen or designed for working with primary school groups. Some techniques are quick versions of more substantial methods. Some are games that have been elevated to reviewing methods. Each technique is designed to include everyone as early as possible in the process and to maximise participation in reflecting on experience or on giving and receiving feedback. The techniques are grouped in clusters that are linked to common goals found in work with upper primary - both in school and when taking part in outdoor education.

Open Fire Cooking - Frag Last

Fire and cooking has been essential throughout our evolutionary past. In more recent times cooking with fire is often simply reduced to having a barbecue or for outdoor practitioners 'toasting marshmallows' has become de rigueur! There are many more exciting possibilities to be explored!

This workshop will focus on various techniques of cooking with an open fire. We'll examine different types of fire, fuel types and of course recipes that are useful for personal creation and group experimentation. Feel free to bring along any ideas or ingredients that you're willing to share.

A mostly practical session where you'll get to eat and share all of your results, unless you're a budding King Alfred that is.

Frag is full-time trainer for the Trust and regular face over the last 10 years of the festival.


Biomimicry: Learning from Natures Genius - Sophie Nicol & Katy Egan

What can we learn from the natural world? This will be an engaging, hands on workshop that introduces the concept of biomimicry - how we can look to nature for ideas for new sustainable designs and technologies. There will be amazing examples of these inspiring technologies and we will share a number of simple, fun activities that can be used with groups of any age to engage and link science, nature and technology through exploring our relationship with nature.

Presented by Sophie Nicol from Environmental Education Ireland & Katy Egan from Presentation Ecology

Exploring Earth's Life Support Systems - Understanding what we get from nature and how to approach the big issues - Sophie Nicol & Katy Egan

It is often said that the natural world and the resources it provides are vital to our way of life, and must be conserved for future generations. And when working with people outdoors, many of us want to convey this vast concept in a way that is simple and relevant for our audience. This can sometimes be a difficult task.

Nature provides us with raw materials, basic needs such as oxygen and clean water, essential services such as pollination, climate regulation and pest control, and opportunities for recreation and spiritual sustenance. We are all driven by different values, and as such it is useful to understand the wide spectrum of goods and services the natural world provides us, in order to help learners engage with and better appreciate their environment.

This workshop will explore some of the things the natural world provides mankind that enables us to live good quality lives, as well as current threats to our vital life support systems. We will also explore the challenges in addressing complex issues such as climate change and species loss with learners, and will demonstrate hands on activities and ideas to explain key concepts that you may easily incorporate into your own daily work.

Trainer in a Rucksack - Sam Moore

We've all been there, a delayed minibus pick up, a bored group at lunch a lunch stop or an excitable group at a wild campsite with nothing to do before bedtime. The aim of this workshop is to give you a collection of games, activities and review techniques that can help you keep your group engaged using nothing more than the contents of a rucksack.

How Outdoor Learning Can Meet Curriculum Demands and Demonstrate Best Practice to OFSTED - Jess Smith

This workshop will guide you through how your outdoor learning provision can be used to deliver a high quality curriculum and integrated requirements in the EYFS and Key Stages 1&2.

We will demonstrate with Forest school activities and ethos how to develop an integrated planning structure and deliver and demonstrate good practice and a journey to excellence to OFSTED.

Using Forest School activities such as clay and mud play and safe fire lighting, we can observe how Forest School helps pupils take calculated risks and also provides an important initiation for imaginative, personal and social developments, and written and creative experiences.

Booking Details

There are 3 booking options;

  • £100.00 - Full Festival, Friday & Saturday night accommodation and meals from Saturday breakfast
  • £ 60.00 - Saturday Only, No accommodation, includes lunch & evening meal
  • £ 55.00 - Sunday Only, No accommodation, includes lunch

Please book your place at the festival in advance by paying through PayPal below, this includes all major credit & debit cards (you do not need a PayPal account). Your receipt ID will be your booking confirmation. Workshop sign-up will be on the day.

Your booking will only be confirmed when payment is received. Payments are non-refundable. Our aim is to make the festival affordable to all. Lindley Educational Trust happily subsidise the event but we do need to minimise our administration costs. We don't mind you asking but sorry, NO DISCOUNTS.

Please let us know if you have any dietary or other special requirements prior to your arrival. Tel 01433 620 377 or email

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